We've Been Featured on Tiffany Pratt's Favourite Things Christmas List!

There are some people you meet once and you know that they are just made to make... if you see Tiffany Pratt walking down the street your eyes would tell you... there goes an artist!  But what you don't see is her amazing ability to bring out the best in people with her kind words and selfless and random acts of kindness.  I have had multiple meet ups and run ins with this unicorn of the design world and each time I leave feeling happier, more creative and just loved.  If you don't know her you must follow her Instagram feed to get your daily dose of colour and creativity now!


So when someone I admire so very much includes me on her FAVOURITE Christmas things I practically passed out!  Thank you Tiffany for including our book and our artist pin on this wonderful list of artists, authors, and makers!


Find her whole list of wondrous things in the link below: