Welcome to Love Lettering, where the beauty of hand lettering and typography are the foundation of all of our projects and commissions. We believe that words are not only meant to be informative, but also beautiful. We take your messages and transform them into works of art, for your wedding, for your home, for your business and so much more.

Discover the possibilities when one loves lettering.

"Do You Ever Do Workshops?"

After 5 years of Love Lettering opening up shop, I can finally say, YES!  Yes I do.... For the longest time I really could not pinpoint what is was I wanted to teach, of course lettering would be a part of it but which part? After mulling over it for what seemed to be forever, I finally came to the conclusion that it is the 5 W's that made the most sense to me, the WHY do I letter, the WHAT do I letter, for WHOM do I letter, and WHERE and WHEN do I letter? Its because of all these W's that encourage me to live and teach this lettering lifestyle I have lived for so long. Let me show you what you are able to create with the simple art of lettering and how to use it in your life.


Upcoming Workshop

Fall into Love Lettering with Joyscout Learnshops Tues,September 11, 2018 ( 10am-2:30pm )

Our workshop takes place in the Noodle Art Gallery  nestled in the historical Alton Mill.

In this Lettering Lifestyle workshop you will learn the tools, lettering basics and how to's to letter on glass and beyond to create your own decorative signage for all your special events.

Participants will take home the tools and their newly created hand lettered wood and glass window.

Local gourmet lunch will be served mid workshop as well.  It will be an experience like no other....Join us!

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