Extraordinary Hand Lettering has arrived....!

On November 7th, 2017 my book Extraordinary Hand Lettering was finally released, and with that was an overwhelming amount of gratitude and tears for all the people who opened their arms and hearts to my first book.  



Its really hard to imagine that 3 years ago, I was in quite a dark and stormy time in my life, Melody was almost 3 and in that moment I thought that I would try, try, try to live my life authentically by dedicating my life to 2 things that I would never regret or let me down, being a full time mom, and a full time artist/business.  Making that decision would be lead me to the most creative and amazing years of my life so far.  It has been hard, I have learned a lot, I have met some incredible people along the way, and now I have become an author.

I hope that this book will be loved for its beauty along with its inspiration, I always design and create things for myself if mind, in this case I had to view it from the maker side, and the reader side, so I hope I have fulfilled my task.  Below you will find a video by the amazing HenjoFilms who shot this process video of one of our shoots from the book, it really captures how everything started and what I want the book to encompass... Hope you enjoy!


The making of this book was no small feat, and I cannot express HOW thankful I am to the amazing team that worked on this mountain of a project, it would not have been possible to achieve anything so lovely without the following creatives:

Head Stylist & Planner - Annie Tu from Madison and Ella

Photography - Janet Kwan from Janet Kwan Photography , Heidi Lau from Heidi Lau Photography, Katie Thompson from K.Thompson Photography

Cakes & Desserts - Caitlin Elaine from Cakelaine

Videography - Henry & Joanie from HenjoFilms

Creative Styling Consultants - Kathie Barone from Southern Charm Vintage Rentals, Lorrie Everitt from Creative Bag

Florists - Jess McKewan from Periwinkle Flowers, Tellie Hunt from Hunt & Gather