Bottled Feelings - The Exhibition

This is the 5th year Love Lettering has been in business, as as the owner, creative director, and artist behind every piece of work that comes out of the studio, I cannot say how proud and grateful I am to have had so many of you include me in your most special moments in your lives, trust me with branding your company and come to my workshops and watched my videos to learn from me. Every moment I get to letter and share what I know makes me feel truly thankful. Along with being our 5th year in business, I’ve turned 40 years old. Now when I was young I thought that 40 was ancient, I thought at 40, one should have everything figured out, however I realized that growth, progress and transformation every year is required for me to feel fulfilled. I think it comes from being creative, I accept that I have a passion for lettering and will continue to strive to see how else I can use that passion to open new doors and pursue new adventures… and thats where this exhibit comes in.


Our FIRST Gallery Show…

Bottled feelings stems from a feeling in my heart from a young age…”I know I’m meant to do more”… back then I didn’t know what that MORE was, and I never told a soul what I felt for the fear that I could never produce that MORE that I spoke of. Telling people you are meant to DO more, requires you to actually DO it, and did I have the guts to follow through? Did I have the talent, drive, persistence, to create the more I felt?

I thought when I created Love Lettering, that was the more. I thought that when I released the book, perhaps that was the more. I realized I still feel like there is more in me to give and show the world with the love of hand lettering and what I can do with it.

It also our first Kickstarter campaign…! I decided to pursue this route because Kickstarter is a creative crowd funding platform that supports artists and new ideas. Backers on this platform want to see and support new products and exhibits that are innovative and I wanted to see if this concept and exhibit would be well received.

You can be a part of my first exhibition experience in so many ways, some don’t even involve money:

  1. Take a look at my Kickstarter campaign and support if you can! I have some great rewards and a video that describes my idea and concept in full.

  2. Submit your own “Bottled Feeling” this is a totally collaborative exhibit where I will take the submitted feelings and hand letter them onto glass bottles… will yours make the show? All entries will be anonymous (submissions have been closed August 31, 2019).

  3. Share my story and my campaign! The more people that hear about it, the more likely I will receive the funding to create this exhibit, so if this is something you want to see happen, please share.

  4. If the project is funded, please visit the exhibition! It will be free admission for all guests.

Am I scared? Absolutely. Will I fail? Its very possible. Do I kind of want to vomit? Yes, I do.

Does it mean I won’t pursue it? Hard NO. All the outcomes and feelings I have will never compare to the regret I will feel if I never tried to show the world (or at least Toronto) what is possible when I combine our bottled feelings with the art of lettering. Come take this journey with me. Thanks for reading!


The Lettering Lifestyle | YouTube Channel is LIVE!!!


Love Lettering is so proud to announce another chapter of our lettering journey by introducing our new YouTube channel, The Lettering Lifestyle . After the release of my book Extraordinary Hand Lettering I realized that I still had many more ideas to share, many more surfaces and typefaces I wanted to letter and more tools to discover, and so the idea of chronicling my lettering lifestyle came about!  It is on this channel where you will find mini videos of my lettering process, how I letter and transform things, what pens and tools I like to use and wonderful I will also showcase inspirational ideas about how to style with the lettered pieces you create.  Big and small, subscribe and follow along to learn all about how I live my Lettering Lifestyle. 

Watch our  FIRST tutorial  on our new channel on YouTube called The Lettering Lifestyle

Watch our FIRST tutorial on our new channel on YouTube called The Lettering Lifestyle

Big hugs and thank you to the amazing team behind this first shoot, they are a bunch of uber talented individuals & companies that come with talent and smile through it all:

Photography | Heidi Lau Photo  Videography | Henjo Films   Styling | Madison and Ella   Catering & Food | Hawley Crescent  Cake & Desserts | Cakelaine  Florals | Flower Treasures  Decor & Rentals | Southern Charm Vintage Rentals  Models & Menswear | Tytan  Shoot Venue | The Alley Scarborough  Hair | Puzzle Creations