As the last of the warm days are amongst us, it reminds me that the year is almost wrapping up and it’s just a shame that I have not written more on the blog, but trust me I have been busy with the book, lettering, and life essentially.


Year after year I promise myself that I would try to find balance between being a mom and wife and a business owner and entrepreneur, and I am boldly stating that I have NOT been successful in finding the happy medium…. and I cannot figure out why.

Is it because I am a workaholic and cannot say no? Am I not organized enough when it comes to allocating personal time to myself? Do I have too many ideas and want to fulfill all of them?  And if that is the case, WHY? What am I chasing? Sometimes I do feel burnt out but it doesn’t discourage me from waking up the next day and doing it again for another 18 hours.


I love my life, everyday I feel so lucky to have a god given talent that I use to make people happy, make a living for myself, and also helps me make new friends! But turning this talent into a business has been more than meets the Instagram eye…it takes long hours, really good organization skills, being able to NOT procrastinate and it takes guts.

When you start a business, you have to leave your fear of being judged, lose your fear of meeting new people and telling people what you do. If you have the talent, the determination and fearlessness then all there is left to do is to TELL people what you are capable of and what you can offer… and what I have found is that people will find ways to put your talent to good use.

I have learned a lot of lessons along the way since the business opened in 2014 and I hope to always be a student of life… you will not find me stagnant, I hope to always be evolving and taking my lettering and the business to the next level…coming up is the release of my book, Extraordinary Hand Lettering, may it open more creative doors for me and the business, and from there the balancing act changes again!

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Until the next post… Happy Lettering!