Handmade Photo Prop - Kiss Me it's my Birthday! (1 piece)

Handmade Photo Prop - Kiss Me it's my Birthday! (1 piece)


This a one of a kind handmade KISS ME it's MY BIRTHDAY photo prop will make the anyone feel special! Use it on a birthday night out to let everyone know you're celebrating, or as a quick cake topper! This listing is for one piece, if you require more I can make a customized listing for you! Just message me!

I started making these unique hand drawn photo props because I felt that they could bring a really unique style and element to a picture as opposed to the sometimes cheesy & silly look, and I can make them personalized for the persons event.

Each one is lovingly hand made by yours truly and these props add a unique style to your photo booth or pictures/selfies in general! They are hand made so each set will be unique and different, one of a kind. All props will come with sticks included.

As an illustrator, I can pretty much draw anything! From favourite beers, to favourite books, I draw them all. Please take a look at my other single photo props for some unique ideas. Feel free to send me an enquiry if you have something speciifc in mind!

Thanks for looking and remember to party with style! Please visit our official Posecards website for 200+ designs! www.posecards.ca

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