Handmade Photo Prop Set - Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt (7 pieces)

Handmade Photo Prop Set - Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt (7 pieces)


Take your bride on the hunt during her bachelorette party/hen night!!!

7 piece handmade photo prop game set sure to get the bride flirty and flustered at the same time! Prop pieces included:
-Tequila Shot
-Tighty Whities
-Bow tie

Object of the game is to take a picture of the bride with the props, and then she has to go and find men that may have the real thing! So handcuffs... She may have to convince a police officer to cuff her for a pic! A Kiss....may be easy, but make it harder, she has to find a guy with the same name as her fiancé!!

Guaranteed to bring some giggles and great photos of the last big girls night out before the wedding day!

All pieces are my own illustration and come attached to wooden dowels that measure up to 4"- 5" tall. These props are shorter in length than my usual props so they can fit better into smaller purses, which is normal for a girls night out!! Maybe each bridesmaid can carry one and bestow the hunt for that item!

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