Bottled Feelings - The Exhibition

On July 13, 2019 I launched my first Kickstarter to create my FIRST art exhibit called Bottled Feelings. This entire project was sparked by the feeling that I needed to do more with my love of lettering. I wondered to myself, was it possible to pivot slightly from my current business as a hand lettering service and become the artist I always felt that I was meant to be? Was I able to combine my love of lettering and ideas to create conversations and a meaningful moment between people? This video that About Us films created for my Kickstarter campaign tells the whole story:

For 30 days I shared, reached out and talked non-stop about what I wanted to create for the city of Toronto, an exhibit of bottled feelings submitted anonymously by anyone from around the world. These feelings would be hand lettered onto real bottles, releasing them into the world so that others can validate and connect over feelings we only kept to ourselves up to that point.

After 30 days with 189 pledges we surpassed our goal of $15K and raised $17225!! So now we have an exhibit to plan and rewards to fulfill! I am most excited to create this vision and fulfill the bottled feeling that I have carried…I am meant to do more. Stay tuned!