Be A Part of our FIRST Gallery Exhibit

Submit your anonymous Bottled Feeling below. There are no guarantees that every bottled feeling will make it to the exhibition. It will depend on amount of submissions we receive, design and relatability. Please do feel free to tell a story to us, however your “feeling” should be summed up as one last thought per se as a direct approach to the viewer often makes the biggest impact.

We will not be lettering any bottled feelings of hate or violence, this exhibit is to focus on moments that may be dark, but possibly relatable to all. In the end we want to create an exhibit that has a positive message of inclusiveness.

By pressing SUBMIT you agree to share your submission to be used in our exhibit “Bottled Feelings”. We will try to include all submissions however if there is an overwhelming response there will be a selection process. We thank you for being a part of our exhibit.